Mrs.K's Class  

              Writing Website 2012-2013

The Needs to Knows about Mrs. K's Class

This website is built for parents and students of Mrs. K's Writing and Reading classes.  This will allow parents to know what is being taught throughout the year and give parents resources that they can use at home with their student.


Students will use this website to complete online class discussions and homework. Technology allows teachers and students to reach beyond the four walls of the normal classroom, and begin thinking and communicating at a more indepth level.  It also allows everyone the opportunity to participate in class where there are limited time restraints within the classroom do not allow everyone to share their ideas in class.


Grades will be taken for participating online.  If a computer or internet access is not available at your home, students be given computer access during RTI and in the morning before class time.

Language Arts / Writing

ALL Students are capable of writing! Many just don't realize that they have the natural ability to voice their opinions and thoughts through writing. Parents think about all the times your child has told you a story. The details they put into how they didn't eat all the cookies, it must of been the neighbors cat, who climbed in through the open window and opened the cupboard and grabbed all of mom's chocolate chip cookies. Oh and the crumbs on your child's mouth is from his lunch not mom's cookies. Or the debates your students insist on having with you about how staying the night with a friend on a school night is a good idea.

Children are always telling stories and sharing their ideas, so why not write it down. Through online and inclass discussions we will get the "IDEA and MOTIVATION" train going for various writing pieces and techniques. They will learn how to properly write an On-Demand piece and use evidence to support their thinking. Students will love voicing their thoughts on paper and online.


Reading is the most wonderful gift that we can give our students. It's a gift that keeps on giving. In my reading class we discuss literature by making connections to our surroundings. Whether its a  text-to-self connection, text-to-text connection, text-to-world connection, books can show students a world and characters that they would never be able to encounter on any normal day.

To read words fluently is only one aspect of reading, comprehension of is the KEY to successful reading. Comprehension of various texts can be determined through conversations or written responses about the text. Reading and writing go hand in hand when it comes to state testing. Students are required to read informational and fictional passages and through written responses, answer indepth questions, by providing evidence from the selected reading to support their thinking.

College readiness is now a priority at all grade levels. Reading as much as you can will help you build those reading skills and allow you to gain the knowledge that will allow your student to further their education.